Eocortex is a global provider of an Open-Platform Video Management Software (VMS) with the added strong intelligence of video analytics and network video recorders (NVR).

Currently over 23 000 video surveillance systems, employing over 300 000 IP video cameras, are successfully running with Eocortex all over the world more than 40 countries. Eocortex allows to build a scalable system with an unlimited number of IP cameras, servers and workstations. Eocortex dealer chain contains over 5 000 system integrators and distributors of video surveillance systems.

In 2015, the company's project was recognized as the best one by the Silicon Valley investors during the Draper University competition. The projects of 36 entrepreneurs from 13 countries participated in the competition.

Eocortex(a.k.a Macroscop) is recommended by Benchmark UK security magazine as a powerful, flexible and efficient product that is both simple to install and easy to configure.




Eocortex software with intelligence functions ensures safety and optimizes business processes in such companies as Hugo Boss and Wimm Bill Dann, and is also used to provide security in the large sea and airports (in UAE, Turkey, Russia etc).

Eocortex has received a national award for innovation and became one of the first residents of the Skolkovo innovation city.