1080P Mid Range Fix IR Camera (AHD820)

Adopting the latest HS-AHD technology, AHD820 is capable of transmitting 1080P HD video images with coaxial cable over long distant cable runs. The AHD820 has HD signal switching providing economical replacement to analog system or even new installations. Equipped with long lasting IR illuminators activated by Photodiode Sensors, AHD820 illuminates up to 25m effectively for night surveillance be it outdoor or indoor environments.

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  • AHD 1080P
  • AHD or 1280H Video Output
  • Board lens: 3.6mm
  • Built-in IR Cut Filter for accurate Day & Night focus
  • 3DNR / 2DNR
  • OSD control by button
  • High video quality on HD 1080P
  • Transmit video signal, audio signal and dual-way data communication signal over one coaxial cable
  • HD video transmission without quality loss & delay
  • Long transmission distance of more than 300M
  • Similar connection structure as analog system without cable (Coax / UTP) changing
  • Supports analog 1280H video output.