4 Channel 720P and 960H HVR (AHR400)

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The AHR400 is a Hybrid Input Video Recorder developed to meet the demands of both High
Definition 720P and standard 960H in a video surveillance system. It supports various networking
features from 3G Phone Viewing to Video Management Software, AHR400 is customized with a
host of features to form an efficient and expandable surveillance solution.


  • ¬†Hybrid input in different channel (2 channel /set) simultaneously.
  • 4 CH AHD 720P/960H record and playback.
  • H.264 standard compression algorithm, low bit rate, high picture quality.
  • Dual stream – individual network video streaming and DVR record streaming.
  • 3G phone remote view ( iPhone / iPad / Android ).
  • HDD data retention days / Daylight saving time / NTP.
  • Device ID setup for remote controller and control keyboard.
  • Motion function enable schedule.
  • USB or remote firmware upgrade supported.
  • Smart channel settings: Live / playback screen digital zoom(x2), playback camera title and date / time position movable, 3 privacy masking.
  • Operation log list / Network online users list check.
  • Intensive security functions by chosen AUTHORITY.
  • Convenient backup by AVI file.
  • DVR control: keypad, remote controller, mouse, control keyboard, network.
  • Safari browser operation on MAC.

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